Bounce - The amount, in degrees, the leading edge of an iron is higher than the trailing edge in the playing position

Cavity-back - An iron in which weight in the bakc of hte clubface has been redistributed tot he perimeter of the club, increasing its moment of inertia

Center of gravity - The intersection of all the balance points of the clubhead

Lie angle - Angle of the shaft or hosel of a clubhead in relation to the sole of the clubhead

Loft - Angle of the clubface in relation to a vertical plane which is the controlling factor in shot trajectory.

Moment of inertia - A measure of the clubheads resistantce to twisting

Muscle-back - An iron with an even distribution of weight across the back.

Offset - Distance from the leading edge of the hosel to the leading edge of the face, set slightly behind the hosel

Swingweight - A way of measuring how heavy a club feels to swing

Torque - Amount of twisting, as measured along a shaft's axis

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